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Experiential Meeting Facilitation

Do I oversee glorified trust falls? No. Is there an opportunity to do something exhilarating and possibly life changing? Yes. I am available for meeting/retreat add-ons (including high and low ropes course programs) focusing on communication, team building, and the practice of Challenge by Choice.

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Get Outside the Office

Hosting a meeting/retreat at an offsite location is proven to give your group a new sense of creativity while creating the opportunity to grow in new ways. The Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge promotes learning outside of office walls. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Copy Maintenance

A writer at heart, I have found that a lot of business material can be stuffy and so corporate-jargon laced that it isn’t even coherent. In this day and age, honesty is key. We get it, you’re a business, but do you have to be so overtly formal and assuming? Hell no. Let me help.


Custom Programming

Connect with me or a vast network of facilitators for a variety of retreat enhancements. From communication methods to strategic planning to leadership development, we’ve got a lot of options.

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